Fatal Attraction

It has been brought to my attention that many of us woman like our men tailored to our imagination.   Woopie Nicole big surprise…

I know I like nuts because that's what I was designed to like...

You may desire your guy to be white, black, asian, tall, short, round, or lean.  Recently a wonderful young lady asked me if I thought there was anything wrong with this.  Well that all depends wonderful young lady.

As Christian women when we find ourselves desiring a specific type of man, it is important to know the root of this attraction. 

i.e. When I was single I was very attracted to white and european men.  I was completely fine with that until the Lord revealed to me that I was holding a hateful grudge against my own race.  That ladies is a problem.  The Lord cleansed me of this and I ended up asking the Lord to send me a dark chocolate brother. 

Oh boy… did He deliver.

Jesus doesn’t mind us being specific and liking our men to look a certain way.  But if that desire stems from a wordly fantasy or self hate characteristic (just to name a few)- that  is what He has an issue with.  Remember, He can see what you’ll still need in your marriage 10 years from now…you can’t.

Ask the Lord to reveal any self hate, unforgiveness, or personal issues from your past that you have allowed to be the “hands” that molded those specific desires  for your future mate.  I can garuntee you that any flaws you do find can be erased through the renewing of your mind with God’s word.

By the way  if you are guilty of this, relax.  He’s not mad at you so don’t  you be mad at you.


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